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  • I am trying to build a theme that will be used by other people (i.e. placed in the themes directory or some such). I want to add a simple feature that allows them to put links in the footer simply by creating a link category called “footer links”.

    I am able to get that to work, however, I also have default sidebars that show links (unless they override them) and would like it not to redundantly put the “footer links” category in.

    I realize you can exclude from wp_list_bookmarks by id – however, since this will be released into the wild the id will be different for each user. So I would like to be able to do something like

    $footer_link_id = (some code to get footer link category id via it’s name, similar to get_cat_id)

    (note, I realize my php may be mangled in the 2nd line, but basically it should do exclude_category=[footer_link_id])

    I have done myriad searches via Google and the Codex and have found nothing similar to this – many about using get_cat_id to get post categories, but nothing to get link categories. It’s very likely the answer is out there and I’m just unaware.

    Please enlighten me. Many thanks in advance.

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  • Found the solution on my own. In case others run into the same problem, here is how I solve it:

    First, I made a function in functions.php

    function get_footer_link_id () {
      $link_categories = get_terms('link_category', array('name__like' => $category_name, 'include' => $category, 'exclude' => $exclude_category, 'orderby' => $category_orderby, 'order' => $category_order, 'hierarchical' => 0));
      foreach ( (array) $link_categories as $cat ) {
    		$params = array_merge($r, array('category'=>$cat->term_id));
    		$catname = apply_filters( "link_category", $cat->name );
    		// footer links category reserved for next to copyright
    		if($catname == 'footer links') {
    		  return $cat->term_id;

    Then, in the file where I was calling the links, I simply did:

          $footer_link_id = get_footer_link_id(); 
          $links = wp_list_bookmarks('exclude_category='.$footer_link_id.'&category_before=&category_after=&title_before=<p class="sidebarTitle">&title_after=</p>&show_images=0&echo=0');
    			if($links) { ?>
    				<?php echo $links; ?>
    			<?php } ?>

    This calls the above function, returns the ID I need, builds the call to wp_list_bookmarks and then saves it. This way I can check if it’s empty and not bother to echo.

    Further note: this is still probably messy and will be cleaned up as I polish the theme. Suggestions welcome to improvements as well. I am but a novice at this and likely there are simpler ways. Perhaps make $footer_link_id global so I don’t have to call the function repeatedly and/or do something to extend the defaults for wp_list_bookmarks to include excluding that category (though I’m not even sure how to do that without rebuilding the function in my functions.php – something that I started with to get me here and did not sit well with me since overriding base WP functions seems non-ideal)

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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