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  • I am trying to exclude a form from saving to the db – and that works just fine, however I need to conditionally exclude the form data from saving to the db, so I am trying to alter the data before saving, and changing the form title to a title on the exclude list.

    It changes the title property of the object just fine, but it still saves to the database under the original form title name.

    function myFilter($formData){
        $formName = 'originalFormTitle';
    	if ($formData && $formName == $formData->title) {
              $formData->title = 'excludeForm';
        return $formData;
    add_filter('cfdb_form_data', 'myFilter');

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  • I think I have found the problem.
    I’m no expert…but in the file CF7DBPlugin.php there is a function called public function saveFormData($cf7), looking at this it would seem that the $cf7->title is examined before the call to cfdb_form_data where we can alter the contents of the submission (see code above).

    I don’t know what the knock on repercussions of this may be – maybe Michael could comment on this code change?

    So, this is what I did….it would appear that all we need do is move the test.

    $title = stripslashes($cf7->title);
     if ($this->fieldMatches($title, $this->getNoSaveForms())) {
        return; // Don't save in DB

    to a point after the call to cfdb_form_data like so:

    public function saveFormData($cf7) {
         try {
    // moved by David 9.9.13
    //          $title = stripslashes($cf7->title);
    //          if ($this->fieldMatches($title, $this->getNoSaveForms())) {
    //          return; // Don't save in DB
    //            }
        $time = function_exists('microtime') ? microtime(true) : time();
       // Set up to allow all this data to be filtered
            $cf7->submit_time = $time;
            $cf7->ip = $ip;
            $user = null;
              if (is_user_logged_in()) {
                  $current_user = wp_get_current_user(); // WP_User
                  $user = $current_user->user_login;
                $cf7->user = $user;
                try {
                    $newCf7 = apply_filters('cfdb_form_data', $cf7);
                    if ($newCf7 && is_object($newCf7)) {
                        $cf7 = $newCf7;
                        $time = $cf7->submit_time;
                        $ip = $cf7->ip;
                        $user = $cf7->user;
                  else {
                        error_log('CFDB Error: No or invalid value returned from "cfdb_form_data" filter: ' .
                                print_r($newCf7, true));
                catch (Exception $ex) {
                    error_log(sprintf('CFDB Error: %s:%s %s  %s', $ex->getFile(), $ex->getLine(), $ex->getMessage(), $ex->getTraceAsString()));
    // David - 9.9.2013 inserted code here
       $title = stripslashes($cf7->title);
          if ($this->fieldMatches($title, $this->getNoSaveForms())) {
             return; // Don't save in DB
                $tableName = $this->getSubmitsTableName();
                $parametrizedQuery = "INSERT INTO <code>$tableName</code> (<code>submit_time</code>, <code>form_name</code>, <code>field_name</code>, <code>field_value</code>, <code>field_order</code>) VALUES (%s, %s, %s, %s, %s)";
                $parametrizedFileQuery = "INSERT INTO <code>$tableName</code> (<code>submit_time</code>, <code>form_name</code>, <code>field_name</code>, <code>field_value</code>, <code>field_order</code>, <code>file</code>) VALUES (%s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s)";
                $order = 0;
                $noSaveFields = $this->getNoSaveFields();
                $foundUploadFiles = array();
                global $wpdb;
    Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    I took a closer look at the logic around saving forms and it doesn’t do this right. So I fixed it in the version that I hope to put out in a week or so. If you return null from your function it should not save.

    If you would like to try it out, download the latest development version.

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