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[Resolved] Excluding certain "pages"

  • Hi Everyone,

    First, thanks for the developer for such a complete and amazing plug in.

    My website started off with pages and now have a blog with posts. your plug in is working wonderfully. However, I am having two minor issues.

    1. I do not want certain pages to show such as “disclaimer” to show. I went to “the pool” but pages isn’t part of the option, only posts. I have scoured the support pages but can’t find an answer with it. Perhaps I missed it? Help!!!!

    Also, is there some snippet I can use to force YARRP to select the first image in my pages/post instead of using the plugin (Auto Post Thumbnails)? I just installed it thanks to your documentation, as I was manually adding default images before that. However, I’d like to reduce load times? Or is it small enough not affect it?

    Thanks so much in advance



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  • Plugin Author jeffparker


    The Pool should be considering both posts and pages. Can you verify that in “The Pool” options panel, you see “Posts, Pages” next to “Post types considered”?

    If you do, then you can put disclaimer-type pages under a specific category that you disallow.

    Regarding your thumbnails, YARPP pulls from the featured image. Using any other image is outside the scope of YARPP at this time.

    Hope this helps.

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the answer and sorry for the late reply. I couldn’t find this page for the longest.

    Ok so I went to the pool panel and indeed pages are next to “post types considered”. However, I noticed that when you create a page in WP there isn’t an option to store it under categories. Additionally there isn’t an add tags option either :(.

    Is there another way around this?

    Thanks again for taking the time to answer 😉

    I’m having this same issue. Following for additional responses.

    Plugin Author jeffparker


    I misspoke. You are correct in saying that “pages” have no categories or tags in WordPress “out of the box.” Do you know if your database engine is MyISAM or InnoDB? When you view your “Relatedness” panel, are the “Title” and “Body” dropdowns disabled? If so, your database engine is most likely InnoDB and YARPP has a tougher time with “page” related posts using InnoDB.

    Hi Jeff – I’m not sure of my database engine, but those dropdowns are enabled and set to “consider”.

    Plugin Author jeffparker


    Hi Christina,

    Your database seems to be using the InnoDB engine. Can you clarify your specific issue? Thanks.

    My issue is that I would like to remove all “pages” from showing up in the “pool” of related posts.

    Hi Jeff,

    My DB engine is MySQL. And my issue was to just “hide” certain pages. I even went as far as creating a new category called “noshow” but of course I wasn’t able to attach anything to that because… it wasn’t a post.



    Plugin Author jeffparker


    Christina, uncheck “Pages” next to “Automatically display” in the “Display Options” panel.

    Then, uncheck “Display results from all post types” in the “Relatedness” panel.

    Plugin Author jeffparker


    HealYOUnaturally, are you trying to “hide” certain pages from displaying related posts, or from appearing in related posts?


    I am trying to prevent certain pages from appearing on related posts such as: “About Us”, “Home” and “Privacy Policy” type of pages.


    Plugin Author jeffparker


    Healyounaturally, please try doing the same thing I recommended for Christina, above. Thanks.


    I was looking into this to try and resolve myself but had to come back. My issues is different than Christina’s because I am not trying to remove “all pages” from displaying in related posts. I’d like certain pages NOT TO APPEAR in related posts.

    It is complex because it is a mix of pages and posts.
    For ei: I’d like pages from the “Find your condition page” to appear in related posts through out the site and blog.
    However I want to “hide”: About us, Disclaimer, and Home pages so they DO NOT appear in related posts.

    If that makes sense.

    Thanks, again–following.

    Hi guys, can somebody help me? I want to exclude the whole category from displaying in related posts. How can i do this? Thanks!

    Plugin Author jeffparker


    dimka986, please use the “Disallow by category” checkboxes in the “Pool” panel on the YARPP settings pages in WordPress.

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