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  • Please! Please Please! Need some help… On my surf report main page I want to display the latest updated reports(todays) from different areas.

    Right now I have two areas and two loops. I want the first loop to display only Category 1 (Nantucket Report) and the the second loop to display only category 2 (Gloucester Report). Eventually, as I add more reports I’ll add more loops for other categories.

    I tried the “Exclude Posts From Some Category” for WP 1.5 on the Loop page in the Codex
    but could not get it to work. All that would show up was “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.” I did it on the bottom loop of my page and choose to exclude CAT 1 but it came up with the “Sorry” no match. I looked for other similar things in the support pages but couldn”t really find the solution. Any help would be greaty appreciated! Mahalo

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  • Forgot to add that the two loop areas are seperated by the Firefox banner ad. So the first loop and second one are the same right now. I just want the Nantucket report in the top loop and then the Gloucester report in the bottom. Happy Easter!!!!!

    Did u take note of the info in the Codex about not being about to call a loop twice?

    Why not use query post for the first call. And the single cat parameter for the second ?

    I agree with Root, that would seem the best option. Dig a little deeper down on The Loop page to see an example of query_posts() defining a category to display.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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