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  • Hey…I tried to find this in the codex, but was unable to. If someone has seen this answered, please direct me….

    I am attempting to use WordPress as a CMS, and everything is runnning really smoothly so far. One small issue, is that I end up with a lot of duplicate posts on each page.

    The way that I would like the blog to be set up is that everything fits into one of two categories. Then, I will also have featured articles, and a lead story. I have that working, but when I upload a lead story or featured story, it ends up in the most recent posts side of the front page as well.

    You can see what I mean here:

    Is there a way to keep the posts in those categories, but exclude them from the front page’s recent posts if they are also in the “lead story” or “featured” categories?

    Thanks for your help!

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  • I see you’ve customized Darren Hoy’t Mimbo Theme.
    Exclude category/ies in query posts by finding ID number of category. Add the following to query posts in your theme calling for the list of posts in such and such category
    e.g. cat=-3,-2
    assumung ID lead story is 3 and ID featured is 2
    good luck

    That worked…it took me a second, because that section of the site uses an array to get the categories. I was able to add that to another section though…so it works.


    Oh, and yes, I am using the Mimbo theme. I really like it. It’s taken a while to customize it just the way I want it, and I’ve got a little ways to go. Speaking of, I am about to post another forum question…if you can help, it would be greatly appreciated…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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