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  • Hi,

    I’m trying to figure out how to exclude a top page from the list but not the pages below it. So say I have a page called works, it shows all the the works from all the projects these works belong to.
    In the works category I have made pages that represent a list of pages of one project. Below this page are all the pages that belong to this project.
    From my main “Works” page list I want to exclude just the top pages. When I write exclude=”10″ (where 10 is the page id of a page lists of a project) Not only that list page is excluded but all the individual pages that belong to that project.

    How can I prevent this? Thanks very much in advance for your help.

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  • Hi all,

    I’ve been trying all kind of parameters but I still haven’t figured out the problem. I’m now trying a workaround where I give the parent/top pages a very old date but even that doesn’t work?
    This is the shortcode:
    [pagelist_ext sort_column=”post_date” number=”10″ sort_order=”desc” image_width=”120″ image_height=”120″ strip_tags=”0″ limit_content=”700″ hierarchical=”0″] This is the page I’m talking about:
    All the pages with – works at the end are top level pages. The “BEE LABORATORY – works” page I’ve dated 12-11-2000. So I expect that page to not show as there are more then 10 pages. But it is still there even showing before the other bee laboratory pages!

    I do hope someone can help me with this. Thanks very much in advance, d

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