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    Hey, Markus,

    i have some posts with _almost_ duplicated titles and it would be great to exclude some words while comparing.

    I will give you example. I have post titles:
    a) CarMake1 KEYWORD – Carmodel1
    b) KEYWORD CarMake1 – Carmodel1
    c) KEYWORD Carmake1 – Carmodel2

    Results of searching duplicates now would be like (just as example, not real numbers):
    a>b 80%
    a>c 80%
    b>a 80%
    b>c 80%

    But if i would exclude KEYWORD (or maybe couple of keywords) in post titles from calculation, my array becomes this:

    a) CarMake1 – Carmodel1
    b) CarMake1 – Carmodel1
    c) Carmake1 – Carmodel2

    And i would see that a and b are 100% dupes and can delete them without checking.

    So feature to exclude keywords from calculation of match by titles would be very handy!

    Thank you

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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