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  • I’m not sure if this is even possible. Ι’m trying to build a site using thematic. It’s gonna be separated in two distinctive parts. A portfolio and a blog. I want portfolio projects to solely appear as a unique category and not mess with the blog post categories. I don’t want projects to appear anywhere else but to their dedicated pages, never on next previous posts, blog page etc. The problem is that many of the projects are set in multiple categories e.g. post under both projects category and portraits. Should the post be only under one category and what that means for search engines?
    I’m not sure i’m made it clear?!
    Unfortunately the site is tested locally.

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  • Ok i removed all other categories and kept only the projects category for these posts but i still can see portfolio projects under monthly archives. Is there any way to filter them out?

    Take a took at first the sample function on this Codex Page:

    You could adjust the logic for the query to suit your needs look here:

    Thanx for the help! Problem SOLVED! You make me notice that I’ve already had a function to exclude projects from blog page, so i added a similar function for my archives.
    A question (maybe stupid) remains. How this affects SEO… Are projects not indexed or just hidden?

    By default Thematic sets the meta robots tag to noindex on it’s category archives.

    Look at the function thematic_create_robots() It’s found here: thematic/library/extension/header-extensions.php

    I thiik that you’d want to have your 1st page of the Portfolio archive indexed since you’re excluding it from the blog.

    You can use the filter thematic_create_robots to conditionally change the output of the meta robots tag for your portfolio category archive.

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    I thought it was solved, but now i created another problem.
    I’ll try to make more clear the concept behind the site i’m trying to build cause i start to believe that maybe it extents beyond the capabilities of WP (or my skills).
    The subject is building a photographers site. This site consists of two parts:
    a)Portfolio with finished jobs, commercial jobs under different categories…etc
    b)A blog that contains experimental techniques, tutorials, references, etc.
    So far so good…but
    the problem lies in the fact that those two distinguished “functions” share sometimes the same category…for example there maybe be a commercial job under “fashion” category and also an inspirational work from another artists that is been reviewed in the blog under the same category.
    Hope this examples make it a little clearer…
    How could i possibly organize content like that…do i need a custom function for every page or so..?
    Another problem is that the site so far uses NGGallery for organizing photos by filtering them by category, so when i try to filter the category from archives they’re also eliminated from other pages.

    I have an idea for a workaround. Please post if you think that my concept is wrong or if there’s an other more sufficient solution. Instead of trying to solve this problem with complex functions and taxonomy maybe i could just move the contents of my blog to another location. Create a regular blog in a different url and just link it to the site and vice versa. To me it sounds like the easiest and the cleanest solution. The only disadvantage is the extra cost for hosting the blog! I could always use one of the free solutions out there (and since WP doesn’t give the oportunity for a custom css for their free services then i could stick with blogger, just to keep a constant look between the blog and the site)
    I really need a second opinion to that.

    Imo, Keep it simple… you’re adding unnecessary complexity. Having two instances of WordPress is one two many for what you are describing.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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