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  • Plugin Author Dominik Kocuj


    There is no possibility to do this in current version of the plugin without using other plugins. Furthermore, shortcode has now only two parameters described in documentation.

    You can, however, use some plugins which exclude selected posts and pages (there are few in, but these posts and pages will be probably excluded from search results too.

    Excluding posts and pages is one of the tasks for the next version of this plugin.

    I already use ” WP Hide Post” in order to hide them in feeds. Posts are hidden in categorys and it has no effect on the sitemap.

    Waiting for a future release with this feature… !

    Plugin Author Dominik Kocuj


    If it is not working with “WP Hide Post” plugin, it is a bug in “Kocuj Sitemap” plugin or it’s something wrong with cooperation between these two plugins. With the next version I will try to correct this too.

    Thank you for this information.

    Plugin Author Dominik Kocuj


    During my coding for the next version of “Kocuj Sitemap” plugin I’ve checked why there are problems with cooperation with “WP Hide Post” plugin. It’s look like that “WP Hide Post” plugin exclude posts only in frontend, not in administration panel. I understand why it is written in that way, but it has an unneeded effect of not working with cooperation with my plugin. “Kocuj Sitemap” generates cache after changing options or any post or page in administration panel, so it will save all pages without excluding it with “WP Hide Post” plugin. So there is almost nothing I can do with this (cache must be generate in administration panel), but it should be not a problem in the next version of “Kocuj Sitemap” because I will add a built-in feature with excluding posts or pages.

    I just want to make it clear that these two plugins will rather not cooperate even with the next version of “Kocuj Sitemap” plugin.

    mister klucha


    Thanks for looking at it.
    It’s clear now.

    I’m looking for the “Exclude pages/post” feature too. When will the next version of your plugin be out with that feature included?


    Plugin Author Dominik Kocuj


    Thank you for your interest in my plugin.

    Excluding posts and pages require many changes to the plugin code. Because of this it takes some time to do this.

    There is a 2.0 plugin version in development, so many new features will be available in this version. However, I can’t tell when exactly this version will be released. There are still much work to do with new features (for example, with excluding posts and pages) and some bugs.

    You can check information about developing of this version on the project website – (development tasks are available on: ). When the date of release will be known to me, I will add information on that website, so it is the best place for being informed about the development status.

    Why not use the exclusion rules built into Yoast SEO plugin… so if Yoast WordPress SEO is installed, it checks the exclude from sitemap setting.

    Yoast currently doesn’t have an HTML sitemap tool so this would be a perfect opportunity for you to collaborate.

    Plugin Author Dominik Kocuj


    As I wrote above “Kocuj Sitemap” plugin generates cache after changing options or any post or page in administration panel, so it will save all pages without excluding it by other plugins (which, usually, do not exclude anything in administration panel).

    I do not planning to add integration with specific plugin for excluding pages. This will not change anything because excluding pages require many changes in “Kocuj Sitemap” plugin, so collaboration with another plugin is not necessary. I’m not planning to make “Kocuj Sitemap” plugin excluding posts feature compatible with some specific plugin, because there is no such reason. There will be in version 2.0 possibility to enable generating cache in frontend (not in administration panel), so it will add possibility to exclude pages by another plugin which will be used by “Kocuj Sitemap” plugin. However, it is still waiting to be released in 2.0 version.

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