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  • Hi Zulf,
    My compliments again for this very useful plugin!
    Thanks to this plugin and Styles: Fourteen the possibilities of Twenty Fourteen really become endless!

    Now I’m struggling with a question and I’m wondering if this is something you could include in a next update or if there’s another workaround that I could add to my child theme.

    I have selected “Switch blog feed to show excerpts”. Now, my posts tend to begin with an image (other than the featured image) before the text and this image is included in the excerpts even when I reduce the desired excerpt length under “Enter desired home excerpt length (numbers only!)”. This looks really funny on the homepage as the idea of the excerpts is that one has the featured image, followed by a few lines of text and then “continue reading”, without having another image loaded in the middle of each excerpt.

    On my new website I just moved the image down on the post itself so that the first thing that can be loaded are a few lines of text, but I’m now revamping older blogs with the Fourteen theme and going through all the old posts and moving down the first image is close to impossible, so would there be a possibility to add an option “exclude images in the excerpts”, so that only the “featured image” loads, but not images that are in the core of the text?

    Another related question is, would it be possible to add a blank line under the excerpts (as an option for those who need it in their lay-out). When I use excerpts, my ‘ShareThis’ buttons automatically appear right under each excerpt, which is ok, but there is virtually no space between the last line of the excerpt and the buttons (even less space than between the lines of the excerpt themselves), so the possibility to add a blank line under the excerpt would be very welcome.

    Thanks much in advance for your help!

    BTW, great that the excerpts are now added to the Archives, Categories, Tags, Author & Search Pages too!


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  • Plugin Author Brian Harris


    Hi Cath,

    Thank you so much for the feedback and suggestion.

    Going to be refactoring & restructuring the code after the pending update coming up shortly. Will take a look at adding an option to support the standard excerpt as well as the custom so users can choose either of the two depending on preference.

    Another related question is, would it be possible to add a blank line under the excerpts (as an option for those who need it in their lay-out).

    I’ll need to dig a round the theme’s css code to see what element would be the best to target in order to achieve this – again will aim to include an option (if at all possible) in a future version.

    Keep the suggestions/request coming and watch this space for much improvement to the plugin 🙂


    Thanks much Zulf!
    Will be checking back for the pending update.
    Keep up the good work!

    I finally found how to add a blank line in between the excerpts and the social media buttons that previously appeared right under the excerpts, but without any space in between, making the excerpts illegible. I’ll share it here in case it can be of use to somebody else. I just added two <BR :> here (in the plugin’s functions.php:

    * Returns a “Continue Reading” link for excerpts
    function fourteenxt_read_more() {
    return ‘… ‘ . __(‘Continue Reading ››’, ‘fourteenxt’) . ‘

    <!– end of .read-more –>’;
    //End filter to the_content

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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