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  • I’m using YAARP to display similar products*, but as many products have similar words like brand and year in their Title, it causes YAARP to return unrelated results.

    Eg. We may be on product page “1988 Tyco Mini Hopper”.

    YAARP will display related products, and match the first 2 words which are common.
    1988 Tyco Super Bandit
    1988 Tyco Something something
    1988 Tyco Something else
    1989 Tyco Mini Hooper 3 (finally a related product!)

    Is there a way to add excluded words? Excluding posts or terms does’nt help in this instance, we need a field where we can add common words to ignore.

    Thanks, and great plugin!
    *not a store, but a database of vintage R/C cars.

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    @ozzymuppet have you tried using the weight option?

    Here is an example straight from plugin page :

    [yarpp weight='{"body":2,"title":2,"tax":{"category":0, "post_tag":0}}']

    This gives extra weight to bodies and titles, but none to categories.

    You can tweak with this and give 0 weight to the title and more weight to the relevant category or post_tag. Please try it ad let us know.

    Thank You

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    I’m not sure how that suggested example would work in my scenario?

    Let me explain the situation better. Say we’re on product page with title “1988 Tyco Mini Hopper 2”, and we want YAARP to display more products like it. For example there could be a successor product called “1989 Tyco Mini Hopper 3” which is the obvious match. However the plugin does not show that because it first matches dozens of other products that begin with “1988 Tyco” as those are common to dozens of products.

    Is your suggestion to add a category for every year (eg. 1977 – 2010), and tags with the name of the product?

    Thanks, appreciate your help with this 🙂

    Plugin Support aslamdoctor


    @ozzymuppet my example was for excluding categories and tags by giving them zero weight.
    In your case, you want to exclude specific keywords. But that feature is not available in the plugin.

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