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    One option is to just temporarily increase the limit, upload the file, then put it back. Imsanity won’t mess with the file once it’s been uploaded. If that’s possible, that’s a simple option.

    Otherwise there are three different size settings that you change dimensions for files uploaded via a post vs uploaded via the library vs being uploaded via a them custom header upload. So perhaps you could finagle it using those settings somehow?

    I am having this same issue… One of my co-admins want the possiblilty to sometimes upload images unaltered. Basically to just to store them, and to sometimes be able to show really high resolution images to a selected audience. I told him that he has to go to the Imsanity settings and turn every setting off, and then I suppose also the basic WordPress settings has to be increased from 90% to 100% for jpg to not get any alterations at all. Then upload the image, and then turn everything back on again. Anyway he was not happy with my answer about fiddling around in the settings, so: pixelkicks’ suggestion about exceptions would be really handy. 🙂 Maybe it could be implemented as a checkbox in the media uploading panel or so (to use or not use Imsanity for this upload)? This alternative should probably only be provided to admins, or maybe to a list of selected users. Just a checkbox on the Imsanity Settings page or in the main WP dropdownmenus at the top, to temporarily turn it off, would be a great addition to this program I think. 🙂

    By the way, my settings for Imsanity is max 1260×1260 for size (because that is the width of the page) and 60% compression for jpg. This is quite tough limits I know, and those are set because yet another admin on the site has speed as his main priority.. so.. with such conflicting interests… exceptions would truly be a great addition!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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