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  • I’ve found plenty of ways to break up posts by category on the front-end of a WordPress site, but I’m trying to break up posts by category on the back-end. What I more mean is that I have multiple categories I post to, some are main categories others are side categories. The only issue with that is there are multiple authors allowed to post to the side ones which causes it to become cluttered quickly. So, I was wondering if there was a way in the WordPress admin panel to only show the categories on the Posts page that I want to see.

    Please note, I know about the filter drop-down at the top to see one specific category on the Posts page. While it certainly is a handy feature it does not allow me to knock out specific categories from view so I can see only the ones I want. In other words I simply want the choice to hide categories from view on the Posts page in the admin panel like you can on the front-end.

    I’m sure somewhere out on the web this issue has been resolved but after a couple hours of searching there comes a time when it becomes necessary to ask if someone else has found this issue and solved it. Thanks in advanced for any assistance that can be provided. Hopefully I posted this in the correct location as well.

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