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  • Actually, it gets better. With my initial question, I was trying to build a tag that would continue to work for me without needing periodic tweaking, but I was under the impression that the category filter actually worked. It doesn’t.

    [ic_add_posts orderby=’date’ order=’DSC’ category=’volunteering” template=”posts_loop_template_entire.php”]

    This tag shows all active posts, whether they are in the volunteering category or not. We have a lot of event postings. I’m using the post expirator plugin to change the category of time-sensitive posts to “past-events” after their date has passed, but that doesn’t work very well if they’re still getting displayed on the home page, regardless of the category they are in. The only way I can seem to hide posts that have passed is to put them into draft status, which means that I can’t have a past-events category where people can browse past events.

    Looking into the stated issue and implementing the feature request.

    Fantastic! Thanks for the response 🙂

    merryj can you confirm for me that your code does in fact look like you posted it?

    [ic_add_posts orderby='date' order='DSC' category='volunteering" template="posts_loop_template_entire.php"]

    Please take note of the single quote ended with a double quote in your category=.

    The quotes need to be of the same species.

    Jeez, I feel like an idiot. But, that’s why copy-paste is a good thing 🙂


    Any thoughts on when an exclude-category option might be on its’ way? At least I can manage it manually for now, though!

    No worries, I typo every day.

    I’m actually working on integrating your feature request as we speak, so any day.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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