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  • poliquinp



    I’m trying to show the authors list on my blog and I want to exclude the admin from the list.

    I’m actually using this code for this
    <? wp_list_authors('exclude_admin=1&hide_empty=0');?>

    the ‘exclude_admin=1’ doesn’t seems to work :/

    Source :

    Can anyone help me?


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  • Jonas Grumby


    It looks like exclude_admin only works if the admin’s login user name is admin.

    (boolean) Exclude the ‘admin’ (login is admin) account from the list. Valid values:

    1 (true) – default
    0 (false)



    The strange part is that the Admin’s login is admin..

    I will try if I am not connected with the admin user.

    Jonas Grumby


    Well, you are missing a php in there. Try…

    <?php wp_list_authors ('exclude_admin=1&hide_empty=0'); ?>

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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