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    First of all I want to thank you for this awesome Plugin! This is definitely one of the most powerful plugin any site owner should have.
    I have an issue trying to avoid the plugin to add related content to one part of the design. On my site there is a kind of banner which appears after some seconds after landing on a page and it sticks to the very top of the page. The content is only one line, something like a teaser of the website. Of course there shouldn’t be more than 1 row of content, so: how can I exclude this very special page from the plugin? I already found the file where I can edit the source code, probably it’s only a matter of some php-code telling the plugin not to work there…
    Thanks in advance!

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  • Plugin Author Ajay


    You won’t need to exclude this by editting code. Get hold of the page / post ID of this page you refer to and enter this into the field:

    Exclude display of related posts on these pages under Output options

    Sounds good, but how can I find out the ID of a php-file which is part of the design and doesn’t appear in the site-area?
    When pointing the cursor on the file “header.php”, which seems to be on of the possible ways, there is no ID 🙁

    Plugin Author Ajay


    Am confused. What exactly is this special page and how is it generated. Can I see an example?

    The option I told you about was to not load the plugin on specific pages / posts that are created via Posts > Add New or Pages > Add New

    I see. The page from which I want to exclude the plugin is part of the Theme and was not created via WordPress. Take a look at the website. At the upper screen there is a red bar that is supposed to appear after a while or when being clicked. The file responsible for this red object is “header.php” from the custom Design. Of course there shouldn’t be any related content mentioned. Do you get the point?

    Plugin Author Ajay


    Unfortunately, not in my language, but is it the one which starts with “Fur alle, die noch…”

    Am not sure if the related posts are displayed there?

    The plugin will add links only to those posts by filtering the_content

    It won’t add any posts randomly through the site.

    Exactly, it’s right. But I disabled the plugin in the meantime, because it looks so very not nice when it displays related content above there… ups. And when enabled it adds posts to the very top “mini-site” as well.
    So isn’t there a way to either find out the ID of the template-site or add a usual “file.php”-site to the index of sites which don’t get affected by the plugin?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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