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  • I’ve installed the POOL Theme, and I am trying to swap out the header image with the header image on my Blogger version.

    Blogger Version

    WordPress Pool Version

    I like the tabs at the top of the Pool Theme (Blog/About), but I am open to a suggestion on another theme, if anyone has any.

    If not, can someone instruct me on how to get my header to display properly in the Pool theme? Specifically, how do I (a) remove the Blog Title which overlays the header image, and (b) how do I get rid of the blue square which overlays the image, and get my header image to take up the whole header space? The header image is only 600 pixels wide, whereas the header real estate is closer to 700.


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  • Ok, scratch that… I’ve discovered a much more pronounced theme called “80.1” that I like. So, I am now focusing on how to get my Blogger header image into this theme, and tweak the colors to match.

    Any pointers would be awesome…



    Man… 7 minutes… have a heart! I’m glad I hit refresh before posting all that junk I just wrote.

    Glad you got it sorted — looks nice.

    Oh, I was just joking around Handy… thanks for writing mate!


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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