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    I am testing Woocommerce gateway. I am noticing some weird things with the exchange rate. If I set exchange rate as .5, it shows $29 = 58 points. If I set .05, $29=580 points. But with .005 rate, it shows $29 = 5 points. It should be 5800.

    Can you check what’s going on?

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    Thanks for spotting this. The issue is that I am using the incorrect method before returning the exchange rate.

    I will make sure to fix this in the next update but till then it can be resolved by changing line 189 in wp-content/plugins/mycred/includes/mycred-functions.php from:

    return $this->format_number( $exchange );


    return $this->number( $exchange );

    Perfect! It worked as intended.

    Now I have a suggestion – will it possible to set limit on points which can be used in one transaction? For example, I’d like maximum of $5 covered by equivalent points and the rest using real currency. How do I that?

    Plugin Author MyCred


    In it’s current version myCRED can only be used to pay the entire sum using points but I will see if WooCommerce allows partial payments.

    Hi there,
    First of all, thanks for the awesome plug in. I am excited that we can now offer our guests this nice way to be active on the site.

    I have a cpl quick questions… and keep in mind that I am new to WP. Every site I have build up to now has been simple drag and drop then fill n the blanks.

    1)I am interested in setting a value for the credits that is NOT equal to a dollar. I would like to set it up to where every point is equal to .10.
    How do I do this. (not php experience) Is this somewhere in the settings, I have been searching for a couple hours, looking at comments… and now pretty frustrated that it’s not “Right there” and easily accessible. (of course… it probably is! LOL)

    We are setting up an internal store for swag that is exclusive to our site AND we want to allow our users to exchange the MyCred for this, but the exchange of 1:1 makes this impossible (for us)

    2) and this one is also probably an easy and quick thing to work out, We also have a cash store being set up on our site with products and I would like to be able to allow users to exchange X # of credits for a % discount. So say, suppose someone has 500 points, and the item is marked for $25, I would like to allow the user to use points for to take $5 off the price in exchange for the 500 points.

    How can I do this?
    If you can answer these questions I would so appreciate it.

    Plugin Author MyCred



    There are two instances where myCRED requires you to set an exchange rate between your points and a currency:

    – When users buy points for real money via the buyCRED add-on or
    – When users can pay for their shopping cart items using points via the Gateway add-on.

    All other times myCRED will not have any use of an exchange rate.

    So if you want to set an exchange rate for the buyCRED feature, you would set this on the myCRE > Payment Gateways page for each payment processor you want to use and
    depending on the shopping cart you use, in your myCRED payment gateway settings.

    You can set your exchange to anything you want and the two add-ons does not require to have the same exchange rate, you can set the two to what ever you want.

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