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  • Hello,

    This is just a quick query to see if 128mb of PHP memory is on the excessive side of normal?

    A little more info; The issue I had was when uploading images, WP would try and process the image but would eventually hang (unresponsive white screen or get stuck on ‘Crunching’) or spit out a generic error. Upon investigation, my hosts default PHP memory limit was 32m. Upping this to 80m using a php.ini file, everything worked fine for a while, until I tried uploading an image 4mb in size. Same problem. I have since increased the limit to 128m, and my 4mb image uploads just fine now. Considering the default limit of my host was 32m, I’ve had to increase this by a factor of four to ensure normal, smooth operation. I am using WordPress 3.5.

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  • It depends on the memory usage by other components / plugins . If you are on a shared host, the memory is still shared with others too. In general, 128 MB of PHP memory is normal in a production environment, even though WordPress would probably never need that much memory, especially for uploading images.

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