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  • Alright, let’s start with a link to the website:

    Something weird is going on. I’ve been working on this website a while now and while fixing some last issues yesterday , some others popped up that I can’t seem to fix.

    At the bottom and right of the page a lot of excess white space showed up. Further more on the pages “archief” and “wie zijn wij” the green line (which is actually the bottom border of the body) suddenly comes up above the footer, even though the </body> tag is at the very bottom of everything.

    All html and css validates and for the love of me i can’t figure out where all this white space is coming from.

    Another issue is that something seems to be added commentary to my code. As a result this commentary gets wrapped in a <p> tag on the archief and wie zijn wij page, leaving more white space above the titles of these pages. Of course I can turn of autop, but i’d rather not do that. When doing inspect element in like chrome it shows this commentary in the main -> page divider, above the heading.

    Basically I’m asking if anybody knows where this excess white space may be coming from? How is it possible the body is not actually wrapping all content? And what creates this commentary code?

    Google has proved no help so far.

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