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  • Alrighty WP Community, I’ve got a weird one for you…

    I’ve finally convinced my boss that WordPress is the way to go for our company website. She’s on board with 99% of it, but is requesting something weird. She’s seen similar functionality on our competitors website, but they’ve done it with Flash. I’m hoping to avoid Flash entirely and hope there’s some way to do it within wordpress, either with a weird custom loop or some plugins or a combination of things. I’m asking for help since the combination of all these is a little over my head.

    What she’s looking for is…

    At the bottom of a page (not post or sidebar), to list “related pages” with thumbnails AND text excerpt from those pages, in some sort of slider or other interactive list.

    I know, she’s nuts.

    Anyone have any ideas where to even start? Can you even have something like a java-script slider in the body of a page/post?

    If I have to, I can create images of the thumbs and excerpts and just do that, but that’s just my backup plan.

    I know WordPress can get “related pages” via a couple different plugins, and that I can get thumbnails set for those pages, and that WordPress has an manual excerpt option, but how can I get all that to play together.

    Anyone have any ideas or tips?

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