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  • Hello, this is the first site I’m doing with WordPress. I’ve been doing some research to find out the best way to set it up. It’s a small site for a bar/restaurant. On the index page I want to have a navigation menu with a sidebar that pulls excerpts from the blog. I’m a total newbie, so please let me know if my question doesn’t make any sense. Is it possible to have the loop on a static page called Blog and then have only excerpts on the index page?

    Or would it be a better solution to have the blog housed on the index page and create a static page called “Home” where I include the excerpts by enabling some kind of plug-in to make the static page run PHP?

    I’m setting up the structure right now so I wanted to see if there were any wise suggestions. Thanks so much for any help you can offer.

    PS. When I try to edit my forums profile it says that the user does not exist.

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    Create “static” page home.php which has at least one loop or add multiple loops to pull out info from posts/pages plus a dynamic sidebar or two or more.

    1. In your won admin panel > Settings > Reading. Select one page for “frontpage” and another one for “posts page”.
    You need to have those two Pages created before!

    2. Edit and design the Page template (see the link above) for your main/front Page as you wish.

    3. Patience… they say after a while, your profile will become visible.

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