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  • Great plug-in, thank you. Only issue I’m having is the excerpts aren’t showing, just the full post. I had text in the excerpt field; I had my reading settings to display summary; I tried using the more tag, to no avail, tried searching for a ‘loop.php’ file and finding none in my theme, I read the excerpt documentation til my eyeballs bled. I tried creating a template and changing the_content to the_excerpt and nothing at all showed on the page. I installed the plugin on my dev site using twenty-twelve theme, using a default page template and turning off ALL OTHER plugins, still no excerpts.

    What does work (functionally at least) (and quite to my utter astonishment and amazement) is creating a duplicate of template that displays blog posts (because that one DOES show excerpts) and changing 'post_type' => 'post' to 'post-type => 'testimonial', saving as a new template. The page style in the content area is fubar, but I can deal with that with some css and template work. Using a Woo theme, so that post-type language might not be common to all themes. (But as I stated, I tried it using twenty-twelve and disabling every other plugin, and still no excerpts.)

    Anyone else have trouble and find a better solution to displaying post excerpts? My live site is membership only so posting a link won’t be all that helpful. Here’s my dev site with some dummy conent showing it with the new template, using the customized Woo theme, but messed up style.


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