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  1. jaydokie
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    First - I am testing to switch back to twenty twelve theme but now have the same issue as the following described.

    I am using v. 3.5.1 wp, twenty twelve theme with a child theme of twenty plus pro at http://roundhousetalk.com.

    My issue is that prior to using the twenty plus pro, my front page displayed excerpts using Arlima List Articles plugin with a "Read more.." link at the end of the excerpt. Previously, I used a twenty twelve created child theme.

    Since converting to twenty plus pro, my front page excerpts show a "[...]" at the end of the excerpt with no link to read the rest of the post.

    There is one article on the front page reading:

    Once, at a tribal consultation meeting, Larry Echo Hawk, Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs, asked me to join him for lunch. Upon learning that I was a member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, he asked about my opinion of the Freedmen issue. I said “as a Bureau of Indian Affair’s employee, Read More...

    It does show a "Read more..." link. I compared it with other excerpts on the same page and the same exact layout and codes are used as far as I can tell. So there must be something that works. I looked at the text html and all of the reviewed articles matched in code in the post edit page.

    I have tried everything, and deactivated both themes and downloaded and activated fresh installs and deactivated all plugins while trying troubleshoot if a plugin was conflicting with the theme. No success.

    Here is my forum thread with the Twenty Plus Pro developer: http://zeaks.org/topic/excerpts-read-more-not-showing/

    Can you help me resolve this? It's important and I have spent the past couple of weeks trying to resolve it with no success or even getting closer.

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