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  1. Wright T
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I am using Cakifo theme on my site http://wrightoutloud.com. I tried changing the option to show full or excerpt on the posts, in the WP settings option on the dashboard. Even with 'show summary', I still had the full posts coming up. So, I got on to the WP.org support forum and found a partial fix (from 4 years ago). I changed in the content.php to just show summary and it does that jut right. But now I have some writing on the end of the excerpt that looks like php-speak, but shouldn't be there. What I want there is the "Continue", "More", "Keep Reading", but instead what I have is this: ; ?> ( __( 'Continue reading →', 'cakifo' ) ); ?>

    What can I do to remove that and put in a "continue" the reader can click on and go straight to the rest of the post, opening in a new tab?


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