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  • Hi, I hope someone maybe able to help. I am very new and have my site up but I cannot get any excerpts, its all full length blogs being shown. I was on Theme 2012 and now Custom Community just to see it gave me another option.
    I have in the Settings, Readings the summary box is ticked but it is making no difference.
    I have tried reading peoples answers on this but am scared to go near the code as I dont know any code at all.
    Is there a simple non code way of fixing this issue
    Any advice much appreciated
    Thanks Marysia

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  • Michael


    Forum Moderator

    the ‘summary’ box only applies to rss feeds.

    you will need to decide on a theme and then edit the template for the main index, and change the_content() to the_excerpt() (or like in Twenty Twelve, change the conditional code which switches between full posts and excerpts)

    Thnak you for this and at least I know with the RSS I havent solved my problem 😉 but the link makes no sense to me due to my fear on the CSS./html
    I have decided on the Custom community theme for the moment.
    I have looked at the link and I cant see where I go to find this – I saw on other threads and it makes no sense to me (i know its my lack of knowledge that causing the problem not your much appreciated help
    change the_content() to the_excerpt()

    Is it when I look at an individual post? I have looked at the text option and obv there is all the code there.. but what bit do I change of it? I cant see where it says change the_content()
    Is there really no other way to do this? a plugin?
    I dont understand why it is so difficult

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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