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Excerpt instead of Full Post but need a tweak…

  • kelemvor


    I’m using the Yoko theme and have changed from:

    <?php /*the_content( __( 'Continue Reading →', 'yoko' ) ); ?>


    <?php the_excerpt() ?>

    This did get me the excerpts but I have two issues.

    1) It doesn’t have a link that says Continue to the full article or anything like that so I need to know how I can add that. It doesn’t show a link like that on the tags page, search page, or anything else so maybe it just wasn’t made to work that way but I’d like to add it.

    2) I want to change the exceprt length to show more than the 40 words.
    I found the function.php file with this section:

    function yoko_excerpt_length( $length ) {
    	return 40;
    add_filter( 'excerpt_length', 'yoko_excerpt_length' );

    which I changed to show

    return 60;

    But nothing changed. Not sure if I’m just missing something or what.

    Site is at http://www.awhatmom.com


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