• We exported the content of our site and imported it on WordPress on a VM to work on a copy of the site. When creating a slider for recent posts, their excerpt (created through Advanced Excerpt,posts do not have a manually set excerpt) is not shown, even if explicitly configured to do so. Only post titles and categories appear in the slider. The excerpt is working because is shown if Blog Post Page is created.

    The strange thing is that this does not happen if Advanced Excerpt and your plugin are installed in sites with pre-existent posts or with new sites. In these case they work as expected and slider with posts’ title, categories and excerpt are shown.

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    Did you mean excerpt not working after you have moved the site to another server right?
    It works in the new site if you activate both the plugin right?
    Our plugin is a simple way working if you add an excerpt then it will show an excerpt but if you have not added an excerpt then it will display content with the word limit.
    We have not more ideas about “Advanced Excerpt” plugin what kind of filter they have used to display the excerpt.


    Yes, it does not work only after moving the site through WordPress export (we used the “All content” option).

    It works when creating a totally new site (not importing the old content). If we create a new website (with both the plugin installed) and write some posts then the excerpt is shown in the slider.

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    This is not our plugin issue, Its look like import and export are not done the proper way.



    I’m the developer of Advanced Excerpt.

    The user does not have specific excerpts set, they are generated from the main content.

    So in the design-1.php, design-2.php… files of your plugin the code that’s triggered is:

    $excerpt = strip_shortcodes(strip_tags(get_the_content())); ?>
    <div class="wp-sub-content"><?php echo wprps_limit_words($excerpt,$words_limit); ?></div>

    Setting aside the shortcodes and HTML tags being stripped (not sure the user would need them in this scenario), the issue is get_the_content().

    WordPress has no filters on get_the_content() so we’re unable to hook in there and alter the output.

    Any chance you could put a filter in there, in the wprps_limit_words function?

    Basically instead of:

    return $content;

    It would be:

    return apply_filters( 'wppsac_excerpt', $content );

    That way our plugin (and other plugins if needed) can hook into your output of excerpt and modify it.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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