• I had been through multiple WP Notification Bar plugins that either a) didn’t work properly or b) didn’t support any of the features I wanted. I found the Apex Notification Bar Lite on a search, and didn’t have high hopes, but it was an extremely nice surprise.

    It works perfectly, in both standard notification and multi-text (you enter in multiple HTML/text entries and they automatically cycle) formats, and the bar even accepts HTML code and links for added functionality. Multi-text is extremely important if you want to put up multiple site messages/links and easily cycle through them (ticker, slider or scroll) in either a top or bottom-mounted bar. And best of all, after slogging through hours on other notification bar plugins (and not finding what I wanted) I was literally up and running with a functional, great-looking multi-text bar (with custom text, images, fonts, etc.) in 5 minutes. It looks amazing too.

    Talk about providing all the requisite features in a compact, very well-designed package. Kudos guys!

    This is an amazing little plugin and I can’t recommend it enough. The Pro version is certainly more fully-featured, but there is more than enough in the Lite version to get you up and running.

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