Support » Plugin: Disable "BIG Image" Threshold » Excellent workround for ridiculous WP ‘feature’

  • Thank you so much for this plugin.
    WP seems to have got stuck in the ‘we are all just publishing simple webpages for ordinary devices’ instead of realising how much it is used as a CMS and for driving different types of usage.
    My own problem was loading the entire jpg for the Bayeux Tapestry – long but only 300px or so high. WP 5.3 actually loaded it but at 23px high – without warning! Other more ‘normal’ images which are too big at least loaded on 5.2 so we could use the original, if not the intermediate versions, but not on 5.3
    The point of the Tapestry jpg is that a user can scroll along it – not all shown on the screen at once. Did WP developers think of this??
    I spell this out in the hopes it saves others’ time.

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