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    Many of the free plugins just seem to barely scratch the surface, and some (not all) have a hard-sell approach to upgrade. This is the curse of the modern era – the subscription model. Everyone wants a trickle of money regularly. The problem is, there are literally 100s of add-ons, plugins, apps etc, and every $5 here and $10 there adds up your expenses.

    I have 2 simple medical advice blogs, providing useful information for patients. They are both free, and NOT monetised. I have paid for everything to do with these myself from the beginning. I therefore try very hard to use free plugins as much as possible. I need them to keep the sites running, because I am not a coder. So you end up going from one promised plugin to the next, to be disappointed repeatedly. People just don’t care anymore. One major issue I was experiencing was the slow load on mobiles – which is certain death to a blog.

    Totally disillusioned, I stumbled onto this plugin – AMP for WP, and all its’ other bits and pieces. I went through the extensive menus, thinking this isn’t going to work. And, WOW, a developer who actually does what they say!

    It says free, and all of it is free – there’s no hard sell, it is thorough, it is efficient, and BANG! My mobile load speed went up to 98%, desktop at 95%! Not only that, it has sorted out a load of other problems on both my sites. And this just with the free version, there are premium tiers as well.

    So, thank you AMP developers! When I see a product like this, and developers who actually care about the quality of the product they make, with no greedy hard sell, my response is that I have got so much from them, I feel compelled to reciprocate and upgrade. With people like these I am happy to give them my money!

    Those greedy d***head devs don’t understand. When they mess you about, and try to manipulate and coerce you into spending money, with the promise of great product, we all know that you will NEVER spend a penny on them! That’s because they are typical of poor business practices, and they will all lose in the end.

    In contrast, the AMP devs you will willingly give your money to – because this is the foundation of great business! So get this AMP plugin, and you will probably get rid of a load of crappy redundant plugins in the process, and your site will purr! Absolutely brilliant – can’t recommend it enough! I have discovered only maybe 4 plugins I would put into this category of absolutely brilliant WP plugins you cannot do without – and AMP is definitely the top one!

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