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  • We used the WP Simple Booking Calendar (WPSBC) Premium Plugin, to help us migrate from our old, obsolete reservation system to a new reservation system. Prior to the migration, we were manually syncing bookings from the old system by entering the bookings for each facility onto the manual-entry calendars on the WPSBC Plugin. Our new reservation system supports iCalendar URL export feeds. We configured each of our calendars on WPSBC to import the iCalendar URLs.

    We use Google Calendars to create automatically-repeating “No Check In” dates for Sundays and Holidays when our staff is not available for checking-in guests (their days off), and successfully imported the Google Calendar URL into WPSBC for display on our website.

    The order in which you import the URLs matters. We imported the iCal URL from our booking system, then the iCal URL from our No Check-In Google Calendar. This works perfectly – the bookings override the No-Check In dates (We allow stay-through bookings on no-check-in dates, but not arrivals on no-check-in dates).

    After we cutover to our new reservation system and did all the iCal URL imports, so we no longer have to do manual edits of the WPSBC calendars, I noticed that, since I did not clear out all the manually-entered calendar entries, during the cutover, whenever we cancelled or moved a booking on our new booking system, the old manually-entered calendar entries would re-appear.

    Since we had a lot of calendars and iCal URLs already provisioned, I asked Roland Murg (WPSB plugin author) if he would be willing to develop a new feature: add an Enable/Disable button to the iCal import section, so I could temporarily disable the iCal import feeds, then use the Bulk Edit feature of WPSBC to clear-out all the old, manually-entered calendar entries, then re-enable the iCal URLs. Roland provided this new feature in record time (less than a day turnaround!!). This new feature saved me a ton of time, since I did not have to reconfigure all the iCal URLs that I had already entered into the WPSBC plugin.

    We are happily using our new booking system and saving a ton of time, and thanks to the WPSBC premium plugin, our website facility availability calendars now automatically sync with the bookings made in our reservation system — even when we cancel bookings or move bookings to different dates or facilities.

    Roland Murg (plugin author) provides incredibly fast, awesome support.

    This plugin is rock-solid, bug-free. I highly recommend this plugin and the technical support provided.

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