• My experience with this plugin has been nothing short of amazing.

    I am running a small website, quite low traffic but with a woocommerce shop selling electronic devices we produce in house.
    I started getting security issues a few years ago and installed Shield Pro after a quick rundown of all security plugins offered at the time.

    I’ve spent a couple days setting the plugin up and I’ve had zero issues with security since this day.
    It’s now transparent for me, I do not even think it is installed. It’s doing its job.

    I recently had an issue where the license couldn’t be activated anymore.
    After quick investigation by their great team, it was a problem with my host and the outdated openssl library version they were using on the server.
    This was solved by my host by migrating the website to a new up to date server.

    In a nutshell:
    Support is great, should you need it.
    Plugin is great, and you know you need it 🙂

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