• I’ve been building WordPress sites for over a decade and have used at minimum a dozen popup plugins. I recently came across OptinMonster after I found their other great product, TrustPulse and can say with all clarity that OptinMonster is the best popup/email subscriber on the market. Yes, there is a fee, but it’s well worth it.

    These guys provide great support, the interface is super easy to use, no coding necessary and overall it works great.

    I’m excited to keep digging in as there are a ton more features that I haven’t even had time to learn and implement.

    Keep up the great work, OptinMonster!

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    BTW – I have seen the negative reviews all from people sore that the plug isn’t free. Its a great plugin and yes while you have to pay, the ROI is well worth it.

    It looks like you are a paid broker because the way you wrote two comments in a single review. Besides you also commented like a paid broker in my review. How much did they pay you? Do you have any idea about GPL license? Or the rules of hosting a plugin here? You don’t have any of this. That’s why you dare to talk over the comments of people who have negative feedback including me. Everyone who gave negative rating stated a valid reason. They are not blind. So, don’t point finger at others. If you are happy with this crap then be happy. You don’t have right to take negative about other reviewer. You ain’t author too. So, please don’t act like a paid broker.

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    I am not a paid broker, whatever that means. We just invested in OptinMonster a couple of weeks ago and we have installed it on all our clients. Listen, I understand you seem frustrated because the plugin is listed in the free depository and you’re saying its really not free or whatever, but that in no way means the tool as a whole is poor. And therefore is it fair for you to degrade a company or product because of this? I don’t think so. And with all due respect, to allow something to get you so upset, well, is it worth it?

    The truth is, their “paid” options are far superior to all the others out there. That is a fact and something those that don’t mind investing in their site optimization can grab hold of.

    Hey @studioc5 scott291074,

    We are glad to hear that you love OptinMonster and it is showing great results.

    Thanks for sharing with the community.


    Hey @kamalahmed

    My apologies for any misunderstanding, however, we do show clearly in the plugin description that an OptinMonster account is required to use the plugin: http://cl.ly/719cf7df8da4

    It isn’t our intention to mislead anyone. However, I will surely pass on your feedback to the management.

    I do hope you’ll consider updating your review.

    All the best!

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