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    I purchased the forms pro version, I had problems as soon as I activated the plug in, the forms would not save and there were php errors.

    Also siteorigin pagebuilder would not work when the forms plugin was activated, I tried many times to resolve the issues.

    I decided to try the support tickets route at formidable forms and explain my issues, in 3 hours I had a response asking me to allow their support team to have access so they could have a look. I gave access and their response was immediate from that point onwards, they pinpointed an error I had with a different plugin (invisible capture) and asked me to try everything with that plug in disabled.

    I tried it and everything worked perfectly – I did not need the invisible capture once I had formidable forms working.

    This review is only about the support, because I have not had time to fully evaluate and use the forms plugin, but I am very impressed with the support.

    Excellent effective communication, very fast response time and the problem was resolved.

    I will post a review of the product later.

    I hope this feedback helps, any company that tries this hard to resolve issues needs to be given credit for it.

    Thank you

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