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  • danwporg


    I’ve been using an embedded Google calendar for my website events page for years but now I am noticing the people with Apple devices are having trouble viewing the embedded calendar – it is just blank. The reason is that they have “prevent cross site tracking” enabled in their iPhone or Mac privacy settings. So I set out to find an events plugin that would work with my Google calendar but import the data into my WordPress Site. Most of what I found online was too expensive or bloated with photos and scripts that made the calendar slow to load. And most of them were so feature heavy with photos, popups, accordion menus etc. that they were really confusing, distracting and hard to use.

    ICS Calendar was perfect for me. It grabs the data from my Google calendar and produces a handsome, simple and readable calendar page that is FAST to load.This is exactly what I was looking for.

    I am baffled why this plugin isn’t more popular but I suspect it has to do with the generic sounding name that is really difficult to find in a Google search. I bet if he just renamed the product, sales would go up by 50%.

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