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  • Tracy


    I use BruteProtect alongside Wordfence, with no problems, and so far it’s blocked 44 attempts in 4 days. Excellent, keep up the good work.

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  • Same here.
    Do you – or anyone – know to tell us what the difference is on these 2 diffenent plugins?

    Plugin Author Sam Hotchkiss


    Wordfence provides a number of great tools, but is not as effective at blocking distributed brute force attacks, the #1 security issue faced by WordPress sites right now.

    One of our core focuses with BruteProtect is making your site as fast as possible, so we build things to be as lightweight as possible while still providing strong protection. We’ve received feedback that people have seen as much as a 90% increase in performance by using BruteProtect alone rather than using Wordfence. YMMV

    Ridgey28, I used to use WP Better Security. I’m doing some tests with Wordfence and this plugin. Can you tell me what your Wordfence settings are (light, medium, etc) or if you had to do anything special to ensure the two plugins ran together okay? And Sam, are you actually saying that Brute protect is a replacement to Wordfence?

    Hi Lynmedia
    I have it on Level 2. Since installing the Brute Protect plugin it’s blocked over 1,254 attempts. It was around this time last year when I was forever blocking attackers and had to take my site offline whilst the attacks were in progress as Wordfence couldn’t handle them.

    Very interesting. Thank you so much! I’ll get the two running on a test site. I have been experiencing bad problems with WP Better Security. It looks like they are going through a big change as well, updating the name to SiteTheme Security plugin, reactivation will be required. Thank you again!

    Plugin Author Sam Hotchkiss


    Hey lynnmedia and ridgey– I’m definitely not proposing that you uninstall other security tools– I can tell you that many of our customers feel that BruteProtect blocks the most prevalent attack vector, and that they use it as their only solution, and that it has been shown repeatedly to increase performance to do things that way, but we are NOT an all-encompassing solution. We are working with another major security plugin to better inform users of what an all encompassing, high performance solution looks like, so keep your eyes open.

    BP blocks Brute Force attacks very early in the sign in process, so we’re able to save on server load and increase performance there.

    Hope this helps!


    It does help — thanks!

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