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  • Yesterday I was talking to a tech at my hosting company and the conversation switched to cache. He asked if I was using the LiteSpeed plug-in? I said “no” since I thought it was a server feature.

    I was thrilled to learn that this plug-in works in tandem with LiteSpeed on the servers and has so much more power than cache plugins that only work within the WordPress environment.

    After spending time thoroughly going through each setting and reading the excellent online documentation, I was able to take our large WooCommerce store (500+ product) from a D-grade in web page load speed to a B-grade just by utilizing the features of this plugin.

    Not only is it a cache-management plugin, but it also includes Lazy Image Load (eliminated another plug-in), database optimization (eliminated another plug-in), and features and robust image optimization feature. I was able to reduce our image data download by over 575mb for over 14,000+ images.

    Thank you for offering a premium plugin for free. It has dramatically reduced our page load times and offers the exceptional user experience we desire.

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