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  • So, first of, let’s get this part out of the way, the plugin does exactly what it says it will. Granted, I didn’t need any of the extra options, such as on-load, or timed or exit popups, just the ability to do on click, but for the sake of the review and as i’ll mention in a bit, for some questions I had, I have tested them all. Not only is the plugin very cleanly laid out, it’s very intuitive. When making a popup, just start at the top, and fill out or select options as you move down. No switching to various pages, or going back and forth checking things.

    For what I used it for, not only did it perform extremely well, but allowed me to do everything I needed in the free version, that other plugins only allow in their paid. I needed to have multiple (more than 10) popups to display information, help bubbles, forms, etc, to prevent as much bouncing around pages as possible. This plugin allows for making as many popups as I wanted, with on-click functionality, and the best part, easily add the triggers to wordpress nav menu items. Out of all the plugins I’ve tried, this is the only one that allowed me to do that easily and quickly, just a simple drop down with no coding needed anywhere.

    So it does what it says it…well, that should be a given right, if you claim to do something, and can, that’s just expected, not normally something to be praised for, like expecting a promotion just for showing up at work. What makes this popup especially great, are the people behind it, and here’s why:

    I did have an issue come up where this plugin was having a conflict with another, to the point I had reloaded and rebuilt my site multiple times, and was just about to abandon both and move on. I was contacted by Dan after I posted a support request, and he spent the next week or so emailing back and forth me multiple times throughout each day, working to resolve the issue. Going through code, scripts and all the html on affected pages, he was great, patient and yes, even a bit humorous the whole time. Once we ruled out Popup Maker as the cause, he could have just said “well, it’s not us” and moved on…he didn’t. He kept working on it, helping me go through and test things with the other plugins developer, and stayed in contact helping all the way to the end.

    That is what gets this a 5 star. A plugin is code, and when done right like we expect of a released product, should just work. It’s when something happens that we don’t expect that things really matter. And these guys are great. they were willing to go way above and beyond what they technically had to, not to just rule out their plugin as a cause, not to point the finger at someone else, but to see to it that regardless of the cause, I was back up and going as quickly and easily as possible, and best of all for me, with full understanding of what had happened and why.

    Not everyone will have the same experience as me, I am sure, but I for one would be happy to stake my personal reputation, and professional one on saying these guys, and their plugin, will not let you down.

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