• I don’t typically leave reviews but I’m going out of my way on this one for Matt. As an amateur programmer and a self described connoisseur of both back and front ends, I give this plugin a standing ovation. I can’t build one but I sure know when I see one.

    Matt has given us a free plugin that does exactly what he says it will. There is no other plugin that is giving away this capability and there is 100% no other plugin doing it in this manner. Matt isn’t shoving notifications, trying to saturate you with “brand recognition”, and sure as hell isn’t cluttering up the dashboard/admin panel. He respectively placed the link in the proper location (Settings). Not only does it please Google, reduce server load and bandwidth, etc for FREE, this is what I like the most about this plugin: he RESPECTS the end user.

    So thanks Matt. I know it’s not much but here is my 5 star review. Ignore the haters and quit wasting your time replying to em. Thank you for respecting me, my database, and my interface.

    The only thing I could ask for would be a a lifetime updates version, 1 year of support trimmed to local only conversion of AVIF. I’d pay an extra premium for it. The subscription model, while I understand it for some cases, just stacks up way too much across many plugins and makes less and less sense for my small business. I think the “pay for support” model makes much more sense for us small guys that aren’t generating millions in revenue. If/when I have a problem down the line, I will gladly pay that fee for your time and I’m sure bigger businesses won’t mind paying every year/month for the more premium version, remote conversion, etc.

    Thanks again for the respect and cleanliness of your plugin.

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  • Plugin Author Mateusz Gbiorczyk


    Hi @imissit,

    Thank you very much for your beautiful words. This is a huge motivation for me to continue working.

    Let me answer your suggestion regarding the lifetime license.

    Converting images to the AVIF format is performed using a remote server. I am not able to provide lifetime access to my server infrastructure as a one-time fee, regardless of its amount.

    The cost on my side is maintaining the servers that allow for lightning-fast conversions using a remote server. This cannot be achieved on normal hosting because special libraries are needed to convert images to AVIF format. This process itself is also very taxing and requires a very fast processor. All this is impossible on shared hosting.

    Images you convert to AVIF format will remain converted even if you unsubscribe from the PRO version of our plugin. An active license allows you to convert new images that you upload to your Media Llibrary. If you do not add any new images that you want to optimize to the AVIF format, then you do not need an active subscription. Those images that you have converted to AVIF format previously (when your subscription was active) will remain on your server until you decide to uninstall our plugin.


    Thread Starter imissit


    Thanks for replying Matt and filling in my knowledge holes.

    I understand not being able to support lifetime license for remote server usage. What I meant to say was a lifetime license (just updates) and the ability to convert AVIF locally only.

    I didn’t think about it but I guess I’m in the very small market share of running my own webserver and maintaining it. So I have access to whatever is needed, etc. But again I’m in the very small minority so I understand! You did reply back to me for NGINX config issues and I appreciate that, I guess that just made me assume that the plugin required some backend access.

    Either way I’m ok not supporting AVIF for now, just getting my feet wet with webp. But I didn’t know that AVIF versions remains even after the license expires so you’ll probably get my business. That’s very cool. Hypothetically if the license expires and a new image is uploaded, does it continue to serve the AVIF and fallback to the WEBP format for newer uploaded images?

    Plugin Author Mateusz Gbiorczyk


    @imissit If you add a new image after the license expires, it will not be converted to the AVIF format.

    Converting to AVIF requires special libraries on the server. Locally you can convert files to WebP format using the Gd or Imagick libraries. In the case of the AVIF format, we do not use PHP libraries because they give poor results. Therefore, local conversion to AVIF is not possible.

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