• We’ve used this plugin since fd-footnotes was abandoned. On our site, it’s absolutely essential. As others have said, it’s straight forward and easy to use. Unfortunately, if you do a lot of hand coding on your pages, and so use a raw HTML syntax highlighting editor, you’ll find yourself incredibly frustrated by this plugin, as a single footnote is almost guaranteed to make a complete hash of the syntax highlighting.

    The reason is fairly simple: This plugin violates the rules for WordPress shortcodes. A useful work-around for the interested: use double square brackets while editing your page/post. So instead of:

    [1. this is a footnote.]


    [[1. this is a footnote.]]

    while you’re working on the page/post. Your footnote marks will then be surrounded by square brackets, but at least the syntax highlighting in your code editor won’t be turned into mush. Then, after you’re through editing, remove the outside set of square brackets.

    Not perfect, but until or unless the developer of this plugin wishes to update it to comply with shortcode syntax (which might screw up old posts) its the best we can hope for.

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