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  1. CLehnert
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Thank you very much for the excellent plugin.

    I have a few tweaks I need to make to the default functionality of the plugin:
    1) By default, the registration redirection does not allow additional query strings to be added to the URL besides the one appended to allow the rewrite rule. I have additional query strings that are needed to allow users to register, verify email, etc.
    2) My registration link is accessible via the public front page of my site. I would like the ability to have different query strings for admin, register, and login, so anyone attempting to access the login form would not be able to by knowing the query string appended for the registration redirect.

    I can go into my htaccess file and implement these tweaks manually, but Better WP Security does not recognize these changes, and any change I make to the plugin settings via the admin area of my site would overwrite my tweaked htaccess file, deleting my changes. Is there a way to tweak the htaccess file from within the plugin so it recognizes that there are some additional tweaks and keeps them when saving out the htaccess?

    I suggest allowing a way to have different query strings for register, login and admin so these manual edits to the htaccess file would not be needed. I also suggest an option to enable additional query strings to be appended to the string used for the redirect by Better WP Security.

    If, in the future, there was a way to enable different login and register query strings, I would also suggest having an option to remove the "login" link from the registration page. This would prevent a malicious user from accessing the register page to get to the login page, which is currently possible.

    If there already is a way to accomplish these things in a better way than I am doing at the moment, please let me know.



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