• Personally, I do not quite agree with the EU rules. In my opinion they do not really address the issue at hand, and instead destroy the nature of what the free and open WWW should be about – especially now that certain websites simply start blocking EU visitors.
    However, since part of my audience is in the EU, I felt I had to add some sorts of notification.

    Installation was a breeze, and customizing the appearance wasn’t all that hard either. On that note; it would have been nice to have some sorts of override box where we customize the CSS for the “cookie-notice” DIV (font-size, background color with transparency, etc). The is may be pretty easy to implement and it would solve the complaints of others I have seen.

    Thanks dFactory for taking the time and effort to make this plugin – it’s very much appreciated and saved me some tinkering with my own code. 🙂

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