• I love (almost) everything about this plugins. It has allowed me to add an exciting dose of flair to my articles and has enhanced the overall potential for creativity.

    The reason for the (almost) is simply that I’m not happy with the way that it opens on mobile devices. I’ve noticed that if the footnote is near the right side of an article it does not render properly on mobile and comes out as either non-responsive or squished along the side. It would be great if the boxes could pop down (or up) in a direction that doesn’t break them.

    Otherwise thank you, fantastic plugin.

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  • Plugin Author gavinr


    Thanks! As of version 2.0, the footnote will now be centered on the screen on mobile devices, hoping to avoid these problems.

    Thread Starter briannpowers


    Thanks for this update, it looks much better on mobile now.

    Unfortunately, I’m now seeing a weird opening quirk on desktop. It appears to happen mostly with longer notes when they appear far to the right of the page. The notes are being stretched very thin and tall and aren’t especially reader-friendly in some cases.

    I notice that the boxes always open to the bottom right of the bubbles themselves. Is it possible to have them open responsively to the left or even top depending on the screen and positioning? I don’t know what’s involved with this, so if it’s impossible it’s impossible. In the meantime I’ve been trying to solve this by rearranging the notes to make them more left-oriented, but that’s kind of a pain and also looks a little weird sometimes.

    Again, not a crippling issue, and I still love this plugin. Thanks for all your hard work!


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