• I am really pleased to recommend the Styles plugin. It is a wonderful resource that enables even an uncertain website builder make a site that looks good. Unfortunately I can only recommend it for use on single sites. On my multi-site it came into conflict with a theme/plugin that offers a similar control over typography that I have running on a different site within the same multi-site. This is why I give it 4 starts rather than 5.

    I can also say I am very satisfied with the help provided in the Styles forum by the plugin developer.

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  • Plugin Author Paul Clark


    Hi TheSupercargo.

    I’m glad you’ve found the plugin helpful. I appreciate the kind words, but give your review only 3 of 5 stars, because you found a plugin conflict, but didn’t share the name of the plugin, or the nature of the conflict, then drew a correlation between the quality of this volunteer project and its ability to avoid conflict with other plugins explicitly advertised as “doing the same thing”.

    My ability to volunteer support for Styles is limited, but if you can provide more specific information about how to reproduce your problem (what plugins are installed simultaneously, how do they conflict with each other, and is it really only in multisite, or any site running both at once?), the community at large will be one step closer to finding a solution.

    I hope the best for you and your Internet explorations. Have a great day. 🙂


    Thread Starter TheSupercargo


    Hi pd,

    I had already provided some of that information to you in a response on the Styles forum (here) but I agree I should have included it in my initial post above as well.

    This is what I wrote: Styles appears to be in conflict with the GeneratePress theme and/or the GP Typography add-on.

    Since reading your comments above, and because I truely appreciate the work you and other volunteer programmers put in to helping programming semi-literates like me make decent websites, I’ve now carried out a double check on a sandbox single site. I can confirm the conflict appears to be with Generate Press’ Typography add-on (part of a paid-for plugin).

    With the GP plugin inactive, Styles works perfectly. With the GP plugin activated on my single site, Styles is completely without effect.

    On my multi-site, however, with the GP plugin activated – though geared to a different site – Styles works on the target site BUT the input field for fonts remains blank.

    It seems it’s not possible to restrict the GP plugin only to one site of a multi-site – “network activation” is the only possible setting. I shall be writing to Generate Press to bring this problem to their attention as well.

    With best wishes,

    Plugin Author Paul Clark


    That’s very clear, thank you. Apologies for missing your earlier post. It’s difficult for me to find time to support plugins on .org, but if you can email a copy of the Generate Press Typography plugin to styles@stylesplugin.com, I can skim through and make suggestions.

    Plugin Author Paul Clark


    Err.. rather, email to styles@pdclark.com

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