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  • The plugin works and the support seems to be very active and personal.
    That’s just a bit of a niggle though because the site shows problems as being resolved when in fact they may not have been – they have just been passed to the support team.

    This use of ‘out of sight’ support means that the usual self-help amongst users is absent, there is no discussion of problems that is made public it seems.

    Our two problems encountered after a few minutes trial have been slow/jerky scrolling when full screen (loss of inertial scrolling) and time to load which don’t give a great user experience. [I’m using premium version]
    If these could be solved then probably would go to 5 star rating as this plugin adjusts height depending on height of the pdf which potentially gives a better experience especially on mobile where users are used to just scrolling to get to what they want.

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  • Thank you for taking the time to leave your review. I’m pleased to hear you like the plugin in many ways, and really appreciate your feedback.

    Please let me explain why we aren’t using the support forum actively, though, as it seems this has disappointed you.

    Many other WordPress plugin authors find the support forum unworkable too, but there is no way to turn it off on Some authors will direct you to their own custom forum instead – even if they are happy to provide ‘public’ threads on their own site, many authors tend to find them unworkable on the support forums.

    The problems are:

    – It is difficult for a team of support reps to manage support through the forum: there are no features for allocating tickets to particular reps, or even really having a sensible ‘inbox’ to process the latest posts.

    – insists that support should not be provided for premium plugins on this site, and in fact the threads are often closed or deleted by forum moderators (not us – we don’t have such access, another example that we can’t really manage this forum as a ticket queue). So you may still find that your existing support threads are deleted if a moderator notices them.

    – I appreciate that other end users could offer support, but (other than your recent activity – thanks!) it is most likely that our support team can help most quickly and accurately since we deal with these frequently, and crucially we can incorporate anything we learn back into the product. It is easy for other users to presume similar-sounding problems occur for the same reasons as it did for them, but in practice our knowledge of a wider range of possible causes will lead us to quicker resolutions.

    – It may feel helpful to have publicly viewable ‘previous tickets’ to quickly identify repeat problems, but again we have no way to manage these in the forum, so they can be outdated quickly – and as above, may easily lead you in the wrong direction anyway. Instead, we offer instructions and a support FAQ (to cover all versions of the plugin – free and premium) on our site. Please do let us know by email if anything is missing.

    I hope this explains why we are simply trying to intercept forum posts before they are potentially even deleted by moderators, and encourage support to take place in a channel where we can offer it quickly and efficiently. Marking posts as ‘resolved’ is simply to note that I have attempted to direct the user to these channels, and I’m sorry if that terminology feels dismissive of your outstanding problem.

    Of course I appreciate any further feedback, and you are welcome to add further thoughts below if you wish. Please do also send them to our support email address ( – for the reasons above, we may not see comments here, and if we fail to respond on this forum that will be why.

    I will see if we can do a better job of explaining e.g. in the plugin description that the forums aren’t encouraged for developer-led support.



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