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  • I’ve been looking for a simple way to offer a paid for content, that does not require membership, or extensive plugins.

    Here’s how this plugin can offer a simple solution:

    1- Create secret pages/posts with encoded URLs using this plugin.
    2- Make an ‘Enter exclusive content’ page, also encoded listing the other encoded URLs in a table of contents link list.

    All these pages are now locked from public view, but accessible from the encoded links in the ‘Master’ page

    3- Create an ordinary ‘buy exclusive content’ page (not encoded)
    4- Create a standard paypal button, using paypal, (no plugin required.)
    5- add it to the ‘buy exclusive content’ page/post with instructions that this purchase will open a members area of exclusive content.
    6- In the paypal section where you create the button, you can set the return page, after the completed transaction.
    7- You got it! you place the encoded URL of the ‘Master’ Page
    8- In the master page, leave instructions to ‘Bookmark’ the page for returning to later.

    9- Small fry paid for members section, but it’s easy and straight forward.

    Quick question… what about RSS feeds and wordpress search? Is the encoded page removed from these?

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