• For the writer, MyBookProgress blows all other loading bar plugins out of the water. Not only is it extremely easy to update your writing progress – using words, chapters, or percentage – but it also understands the different parts of the writing process with sections for Research, Editing, and more.

    My favorite feature is the “Get Book Updates” button, which automatically syncs with my MailChimp account and adds subscribers to my email list. Talk about value!!

    Your website visitors can also leave you little notes of encouragement, which are priceless. And the different styles of loading bar are just sugar on top – you can even choose your own custom bar color for some of them.

    Do yourself a favor: grab MyBookProgress and slap it on your sidebar (I actually have mine on my homepage). Your audience will love watching your progress, and they’ll be more encouraged to keep in touch with you and buy your latest book when you finish it!

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