• First, let me say that the personal support for this WordPress Plugin is first rate.

    I’ve used PayPal Digital Downloads for two clients on self-hosted WordPress sites and it is fabulous for downloadable media tied directly to PayPal payments.

    It takes a bit of paying attention to details for the installation and setup with PayPal, more an issue with PayPal than with the Plugin, though the documentation could be improved to be a little more specific when it comes to identifying the right PayPal API SIGNATURE to get to link the two.

    Once connected to PayPal through the API setup, simply upload your digital media and copy the upload URL location in the WordPress Media Library, create or edit a post or Page and place your cursor where you want the purchase button to appear. Then click the button next to Add Media and enter the information about the digital file and the URL. Snap. Done. Fabulous.

    I’d give it a 5 save for the bit of frustration with the API setup (just improve the documentation to be a bit clearer on which cert to get with PayPal) and the inability to upload the file directly from within the post or Page. That extra step causes my clients some frustration, and I have to step in and remind them of that extra step if a couple months goes by between uploads.

    But the tie-in through the PayPal API is fabulous and makes it ideal for handling one or more digital downloads.

    Thanks for the fantastic work and support on this!

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