• I just downloaded and used this plugin for the first time, and I am very happy with the ability to now edit Post and Page Excerpts easily. It works well and uses a minimal interface which is a major plus!

    Where it could use some improvement (in my humble opinion) is in the following areas:
    1. allowing the text box showing the Excerpt itself to be more than an 80 character-or-so single line. It is not possible to see an excerpt longer than about 80 chars at the moment.

    2. being able to order the Posts or Pages shown in the table by title, so that it makes it easier to find articles in the listing. The default listing by ID is great, too; perhaps the ability to order the results by ID, Title, or Description would be best and not hard to accomplish from a programming standpoint. 🙂

    3. the button used to save changes should probably just say “Save” and then the text “Press before leaving this page to save your changes” could be put in span next to the button and even highlighted if the dev feels it would help. Obviously, it’s important that the user understand that the page has to be saved in order to set changes into the database; but having all that text in the Save button does not follow standard UI design.

    thanks again for a great and very helpful plugin!

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